AquaReveal needed an online presence that could introduce them as a serious beauty player to buyers and customers, on a start-up budget.

The beauty start-up AquaReveal was founded on the idea that gentle, effective exfoliation is an essential part of skincare. Inspired by Korean beauty techniques, it presents an alternative to harsh acids or scrubs. I have been enthusiastically following Korean beauty trends and have always had trouble with traditional exfoliators, so I was doubly delighted to design the beauty start-up’s website.


It’s always a fun challenge to work on a brand which is just getting started and doesn’t yet have a long set of brand guidelines to follow. Since it’s a brand founded on the idea of simplicity and nature, I wanted to make sure that was reflected in the design of the site. Similarly, it was important to subtle nods to its roots in Korean beauty without being heavy-handed. The site was developed in BigCommerce.  

I’ve continue helping the brand develop through design and watch eagerly as its presence both off and online grows and thrives.


Friendly, easy to work with, and beautiful work!

AquaReveal Founder


Concept & Strategy
Website Design using Adobe CS
Development in BigCommerce