Trophy Skin: Website Evolution and Optimization

The Challenge

We worked with the Trophy Skin team to improve their brand and digital presence with a redesigned website and updated marketing materials. Rather than do a complete one-time overhaul, we strategically planned the website redesign to gradually evolve their site over six months while simultaneously focusing on improving their conversion rate.


Before: Their Old Website

It looked dated and was creating a high bounce rate on their PPC campaigns. They wanted to level up their brand but found their old website and branding was holding them back.


We worked together to create a vision of how their new website would position them as an authority in the skincare device market.

New Website Designs

We evolved their site with an emphasis on social proof, beautiful design and positioning the brand as a player in the prestige beauty market. During this time the website was further optimized with CRO testing.

Beyond the Website

We've continued to help them by upgrading their design across their touchpoints — for example their Amazon presence seen here.