Encouraging interaction and engagement between the brand and their fans.

With the rise of social media, user generated content is becoming increasingly critical to the success of brands. Customers want to be more deeply involved with the brands they love.  

Just showing the presence of another human on  a website creates a real, memorable and pleasurable moment for the user. In studies, customer photos are generally considered more trusted and authentic than carefully crafted brand images and because of this, many brands are choosing incorporate customer images directly into their branded messages.

I recently worked with Laura Geller to incorporate UGC into their website. Geller Girls, as this popular beauty brand's fans are called, are prolific in their social media usage — frequently posting product photos, make-up tutorials, and selfies. Incorporating social media directly into the website was a way to acknowledge them and make them feel appreciated. The #Beauty2Share initiative spans the entire website and the design is customized to match their standard branding.

To further engage users, the new retail locator includes not just retail outlets but upcoming events as well as integrates information and UGC from local make-up artists.


“We were in need of a design partner who had significant understanding of the beauty and digital landscape. We wanted to work with someone who shared our passions for beauty and consumer promotions, and ultimately create meaningful designs. Larissa and Float.Design met our requirements, and her portfolio and expertise was a perfect fit for us!

They helped us by creating compelling UGC page designs, digital assets for display ads and mobile app presence, dedicated email designs, and much more in between with the highest level of professionalism AND punctuality.

Our partnership spanned across digital, social and mobile and the results were high-quality designs that drove some of our most successful campaigns to-date!

I really liked the ability to brainstorm with our brand—we appreciate the creativity and willingness to suggest other interpretations of how to fruitfully bring a specific concept to life.

I found working together be very, very pleasant. Larissa is very wonderful on a personal level, and professionally, she is incredibly focused on achieving all brand deliverables within the budget you have to work with. I always felt that our work was in great hands.

I would recommend them to brands who need a fresh take on their digital portfolio and/or a design partner who can handle high volume requests with fast-paced needs.” 


Senior Manager, E-commerce and Digital Marketing at Laura Geller Beauty, LLC